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You may have heard a sitcom actress claim she had a Pilates class to go to, as she escapes a less desirable situation! It’s a chic, trendy reference modern ladies throw about. But it’s true! Pilates relatively new and considered “up-scale” since Joseph Pilates began by training injured celebrity dancers and athletes. Then the Pilates Method became offered in fancy spas and resort locations. So you may choose to do Pilates, at least at first, because it is very SOPHISTICATED!

It IS intelligent exercise too, because every movement has specific purposes and every part of the body is “ON” all the time! It WORKS! You will become stronger!

Joseph Pilates said, “After 10 sessions, you will feel better. After 20, you will LOOK better!
After 30, you will have a whole new body!”

Working out” traditionally can be boring and repetitive. Plus, the short-term result is often soreness, and the long-term result is often oversized muscles. Because of variations, Pilates is NEVER dull and Pilates equipment keeps every full-body workout “interesting,” challenging, and FUN. The time flies by and nobody, but nobody, dreads a Pilates Class!

Besides, classes are very small, and you get lots of personal attention! We can’t SEE ourselves, so having a personal trainer is critical. Certified Pilates Instructors have extensive knowledge and training, and often become “the voice inside your head” improving your posture and performance. Put me IN, Coach!

Some people have never been athletic, but seek out Pilates because modifications can be made so that nearly anyone can move safely and derive real benefits of strength and flexibility. Do Pilates because it’s DO-ABLE!

Uh-oh! Sooner or later, active people who love to play tennis and golf experience injuries. That’s when they learn that Pilates can keep them moving while they recover. Pilates fitness is frequently recommended by doctors and physical therapists.

Active people don’t like to sit on the bench!

Runners and weight-lifters become very tight in their muscles and lose range of motion. When they discover Pilates, they LOVE, and I mean LOVE, the sensation of stretching and lengthening that is a regular part of a Pilates workout.It FEELS GOOD!

Have you heard, “Oh, my aching back!” lately? Tell them to bring it to Pilates and safely move and strengthen the muscles that support it—- THE CORE! Many aches and pains can be kept at bay simply by keeping our joints supple and our muscles balanced!

Most people who practice PILATES want a SERIOUS fitness program that they ENJOY!

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