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SIT OR STAND WITH YOUR THUMBS ON YOUR BOTTOM RIBS AND YOUR INDEX FINGERS ON YOUR HIP AND BREATH OUT. You feel your ribs move slightly toward your hips and each other. Your back tightens. All because you are engaging the DEEPEST levels of your abdominal muscles, what Joseph Pilates called your “Powerhouse.”

Everybody thinks a ripped “six-pack”is the epitome of a fit body. Truth is, EVERYBODY has a six-pack whether you can SEE it or not, and it is already very strong. It bends our bodies forward and upward. But what lies behind the six-pack is everyone’s TRUE GIRDLE OF STRENGTH.

THREE other amazing abdominal muscles: The Tranversus Abdominus, The Internal Obliques, and The External Obliques.

Transversus Abdominus is the deepest and it lies HORIZONTALLY across your belly. It protects your organs in the front and your back in the back! It especially protects you when you do strenuous work, IF you recruit it. In Pilates, we KNOW HOW. Pilates builds strength and endurance in this critical muscle.

The Internal Obliques come UP from your hips to your center front and your External Obliques come DOWN from beneath your arms and across your bottom rib, toward your center. TOGETHER, they keep your back from arching and your ribs from flaring outward. They secure your CORE or your pelvis to your torso!

ALL of these deeper abdominals respond well to our breathing, enabling us to tighten our defense against injury while we move our arms and legs freely. STABILITY of our CENTER, starts in the POWERHOUSE!

THEN—our mobility can increase and we can achieve great flexibility and range of motion.
Most importantly, the abdominals protect our SPINE which gives us our very STATURE!
Stand tall! Stretch out! ENGAGE YOUR POWERHOUSE! Stop for Pilates!

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