It’s all about your BONES!

6 Sep

It’s all about your BONES!

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How is gravity my friend?

It helps build strong bones —

and you thought all you had to do was drink milk! 

Gravity is NEEDED to build bone DENSITY.

And Pilates can maximize cellular growth that is necessary for density, especially by “unilatateral” exercises and “cross-body” movement.

Standing or vertically, the body is obviously bearing the weight of the torso and the head.  THAT round nut is worth 13 to 15 pounds alone!

The same is true horizontally, lying supine or prone, when flexing or extending away from the floor or mat,—-  especially when movement is SLOW and CONTROLLED, versus momentum, driving an involuntary swing of motion, whether in the arms, legs, or the torso.


Ah, yes:  Your weight VS. Gravity = Bone strength!


But, you can’t simply be a LUMP!

Your standing frame, your kneeling frame, your sitting frame, or your lying frame must be actively resisting the gravity!



The BONES are the delicately balanced “frame”work for every complex system in our remarkable bodies!  Without them, we would have NO shape at all!  And no mechanisms for movement.  They keep us UPRIGHT.


How vertical is vertical?

Not truly vertical at all, but rather zig-zagged!

Our bony structure leans alternately upward—like a set of steps that pause and turn as they ascend!  Upward from the feet, ankles, shins, knees, thighs, pelvis, s-shaped spine, ribcage, and skull. Ah, them bones.

If we stood straight as a stick, we’d FALL OVER!


“Sticks and stones may break my bones,”

But gravity can repair me!

Repair and renew—that’s what bones DO

When they hold weight a-way from Gravity!


Pilates made a special point of “balanced” exercise

Around the spine, around the joints—To keep the skeleton ALIGNED!

 When we are tall as we can be—and bones are strong,

We move through space quite easily,

Because our moving parts are precisely hung

Where they BELONG!—–or where they are meant to be!


Femur, Humerus, Radius, Ulna, Scapula, and skull,

The life of bones is never dull.

They hold us up in such a way

That we can work and we can play.


They need nutrition and a load to bear

To keep their Density in repair.

Dance!  Crawl!  Leap! And STAND!

Honor the bones at your command.

Feed them fuel and treat them wisely

To serve you in the work at hand.


Draw a line through ME!

—from the top of my head

To between my standing feet!

From side-to-side, a mirror-wide,

My left and right sides meet.


My first and second toes point front.

My kneecaps bend above them.

The anterior points of my pelvis reach ahead,

And my shoulders hover over them.

My head sits tall upon my neck, not tilting left or right.

For my bones are in ALIGNMENT,

Which makes movement happen RIGHT!

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