What’s in a NAME?

6 Sep

What’s in a NAME?

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Who and what is STOTT Pilates?


It’s 2 things:  It’s Pilates.  And it’s STOTT!


Let’s start at the beginning.

Pilates is the name of the man who invented the method of exercise.

Now his name has become a generic term.  Joseph Pilates, as an inventor, had students who became his disciples. Upon his death, for ten years the use of his name was the subject of litigation, because some of his protégés wanted exclusive use of it.  The courts ruled otherwise, and, as a result, several BRANDS have emerged from Joseph’s students.  Those 6-9 quality  brands try to maintain the critical paradigm changing principles that Joseph identified to teach exercises that truly restore the body to its best possible functioning. 

The systems developed by Joseph’s students are carrying on his ground-breaking work which took him a long lifetime to create.   However, those separate systems have taken on slightly different character, depending on the SECOND GENERATION Pilates Master and the population which they mostly served. 

For example, Joseph and his wife Clara had their studio in New York City where most of their clients were professional ballet dancers.  The METHOD Pilates Brand is still performed very much like Joseph’s original, “classical” style.  The Dance culture usually assumes specific body types and ability levels and goals.  If a person is not a part of that Dance community, the classical style would seem rather strict and difficult.


By contrast, the STOTT Pilates Brand, which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, founded by Moira Stott and her businessman husband, Lindsey Merrithew, is distinctive because it has consciously adapted Joseph’s original work to incorporate new knowledge about anatomy, health, and fitness.  It is a scientific, therapeutic, approach to optimizing the wellness of ALL kinds of bodies, from champion athletes to individuals with injuries and specific physical limitations.  Among those special populations are people who are pregnant, who have osteoporosis or scoliosis, who have neurological limitations like MS or stroke, and those who have suffered injuriesor are recovering from surgeries.   Even people who may be weak from inactivity or less active because of weight, can find success using the STOTT Brand of Pilates.


STOTT instructors are trained to make the break-through of Joseph Pilates’s work  “work-able” for the average person.  The Instructor training is highly rated for the modifications that benefit special populations—-based soundly on science and original intention of each of Joseph Pilates’s exercises.  That training takes hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, strict testing, and on-going re-certification training.  STOTT Certified Instructors are most often recommended to patients of Physical Therapists as their patients near the end of their therapy. 



A STOTT instructor is always going to notice specific aspects of a person’s frame and ability to make specific adjustments, which will give him or her the optimal result from the exercise.  THIS is the STOTT NORM!  Everybody’s BODY is unique —–and yet the principles of anatomy and movement are consistent.  Most STOTT –trained instructors seem to have X-ray vision, because they can tell what your bones are doing—or not doing, as you perform!  And it’s opposing muscle groups that move the bones!  Joseph would be so pleased to see his dream of his method becoming accessible to anyone and everyone because of the style of study and delivery of the STOTT BRAND.  A STOTT client becomes aware of the reasons his body has difficulty or success with movement or balance or endurance.  A STOTT client becomes educated about anatomy and kinesiology because he or she learns what is going on in his own frame.


Powerful lessons.  Knowledgeable instructors. 


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