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Sooner or later, we all hear it!  Unfortunately, sooner or later, we nearly all hear ourselves say it!

Sometimes we just “over-do-it.,” awakening muscles that haven’t  had that much work in awhile.  Sometimes, it’s HOW we moved muscles, leaving them at risk for pain or injury.

Sometimes, though, it’s not the muscles at all.  It’s the spine itself which is compromised and it’s nerves that are doing the talking, causing us to hear, OH! MY ACHING BACK!

As life progresses, the spaces between our vertebrae, become compressed.  Extreme versions of such wear are BULGING or HERNIATED DISKS.

Other joys of older age include bone spurs or

Arthritis which we may need to live with best we can!

Other than surgery, which is not always possible or recommended, or drug therapy for pain relief,  MOVEMENT IS THE BEST RELIEF FOR BACK PAIN!  Not just ANY movement, but movement with proper muscular engagement to support the spine  as those spaces between the vertebrae are massaged and opened to their greatest possible distance for comfort and mobility.

Client Ann Smits said, “ I had a ruptured disk and had more operations in my future.  Since I began doing Pilates, I no longer take any pain meds, and I golf every week!  Love Pilates”

Client Keith Giordano said, “At 58, I’d heard a lot about the benefits of Pilates and finally decided to join a studio since one had opened in our area.  I didn’t really want to do the Mat -thing as it didn’t appeal to me.  I’m now on my 2 year anniversary and the benefits and results show for themselves.  Plus, I feel the Reformer provides better stability for the back and a great low-impact workout.  Gliding on the Reformer can be fun too!  Combine this with the instructors that are so well trained, professional and genuinely learn and care about each of their clients,  STOP FOR PILATES is absolutely the best workout in Palencia!”

Originator, joseph PILATES said, “We are as young as our spines are FLEXIBLE!”

PILATES teaches us how to engage the deepest stabilizing muscles, using breath and timing.  The Superheroes of Stability are Transversus Abdominus, Internal and External Obliques, and Multifidus.  They lie DEEP or closest to the bones. It makes sense that they should be most effective supporting our bones as we move.  They also keep us iifted in stature when we are STILL!

HOW we MOVE is also important.  Pilates teaches us how Nature and our structure intended for us to move optimally without injury.  It creates awareness of the very important relationship of where our feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are, as we perform work with our bodies—-even simple things like walking or sitting!!!

Does it matter?  You bet it does!

Many PILATES clients feel activated and pain free with regular practice of Pilates.  Many are able to resume hobbies as arduous as Golf and Tennis.

Some back issues are beyond our control, like Scoliosis, which creates muscular imbalances because of the irregular spinal shape, and therefore discomfort and even pain.  PILATES helps to balance the muscles around the joints and the spine as much as possible and is a dramatic help to those with Scoliosis.

Whether your ACHING BACK is a “sometimes thing” or a chronic part of your life, consult your doctor or physical therapist, and consider introducing your body to PILATES, a Fun way to serious physical wellness!

Let the STOTT Certified Instructors at STOP FOR PILATES introduce you to Pilates fitness and your local studio soon!

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