Certified Instructors


Name: Dottie Smith

Certification: STOTT Certified Instructor

Tel: 904-826-9726

Email: dottie@stopforpilates.com

“Opening the studio, STOP FOR PILATES, is a commitment to self and community.  Coaching others helps me do what I know is best for myself too!”

KRP 7.15.16-145
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Name: Erin Thomas

Certification: STOTT Certified Instructor

Tel: 904-881-4366

Email: erin@stopforpilates.com

“I love people, and I can’t wait to show you how Pilates will change your body and make you strong!”

KRP 7.15.16-115
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Name: Josie Carleton

Certification: STOTT Certified Instructor

Tel: 303-910-7152

Email: josie@stopforpilates.com

“I love Pilates and the amazing benefits it can bring to everyone, from beginners to conditioned athletes, as well as those needing special attention to injuries. My teaching style is ‘Safety First!’ Then—strengthening and lengthening your muscles while balancing a mind and body connection—in a fun environment!”

KRP 7.15.16-253
KRP 7.15.16-164
KRP 7.15.16-276

Name: Heather Kirk

Certification: STOTT Certified Instructor

Tel: 410-913-8163

Email: heather@stopforpilates.com

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Name: Josh Kirk

Certification: Personal Trainer & Post-Rehab Specialist

Tel: 443-306-4039

Email: josh@stopforpilates.com

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